Mason Lawrence has received an award to go to the ACS Summer School on Green Chemistry and Sustainable Energy. I hope your time in Colorodo will be a highlight of your degree. I look forward to learning more aboout all you have learned.

Congratulations to Evan and Laurie for their honours work. 8 months is a short amount of time to get into a lab, start a new project, make two presentations, write a thesis (and learn LaTeX in Laurie's case). Keep up the hard work and I know you'll go far in life.

Evan has been working hard over the last few years to get into medical school. Today, he found out that he is going to continue paying money to Memorial University in the school of medicine. Congrats Evan on all your hard work. Don't forget about us when we come in with knee pain.

Brandon has been working hard working on a new direction in the Katz group on photo-active MOFs. His hard work has payed off in his first paper in the prestigious Journal of the American Chemical Society. Good job Brandon! Keep it up!

Jinfeng has been working hard to finish up his MSc and move onto the next step of his education. However, that did not stop Jinfeng from putting another paper in the chamber. The work on sulfur dioxide in MOFs was published in the Canadian Journal of Chemistry as a special issue entitled "50 Years of Chemistry at SFU". Good job Jinfeng!

Dr. Katz receives the 2018 Canadian National Committee for the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (CNC-IUPAC) travel award. With this award, Dr. Katz is Japan bound for the 43rd International Conference on Coordination Chemistry (ICCC). A big thank you goes out to the CNC-IUPAC Associates for the support of this wonderful opportunity. Thank you!

The research group is proud to have Mason Lawrence and Victoria Downing start their MSc degrees with us. Joining them are Laurie and Evan who are our 2017-2018 honours students. Good luck everyone and don't forget to have some fun!

Mike and Brandon Travel to Toronto to give two seminars and one poster presentation about the MOF work going on in the lab. I hope you liver is ready Brandon.

The undergraduate student society at Memorial University have been working hard to bring the regional chemistry conference to St. John's. Starting today, students and professors from Atlantic Canada will come to St. John's to discuss chemistry and get Screeched in by Mason. A big thank you goes out to all of the students who worked so hard to get this conference organized. Good luck Mason and Victoria on your presentations. I'm sure they will be great.

Brandon Furlong has passed his comprehesive exam and is officially a PhD candidate. Congrats Brandon! Keep up the hard work.

Mason Lawrence and Laurie Donnelly join the research team as NSERC USRA students. Welcome to the lab Laurie. Have a great summer!

Mason Lawrence and Victoria Downing sprint across the finish line to hand in their Theses. Congratualations on the achievement. I'm very proud of ya'll.

Michael Katz has been awarded the Terra Nova Young Innovator Award (TNYIA). The funding will allow the research team to head into a new direction and explore new porous materials that would otherwise be too risky to venture towards.

Jinfeng is on his way to MOF 2016 to show off his hard work and to see what all the leaders in the field are working on. Safe Travels Jinfeng!

Mason Lawrence and Victoria Downing join the team for their honours projects. Good luck and have fun.

Jinfeng Zhang picked up and ran with a project started by our Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) highschool student Gabby white over the summer of 2015, and after a few revisions and some hard work, the paper is online at ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering. Good Job and great work Jinfeng!!!

The start of the semester bring in 2 new students into the lab. Welcome Devon McGrath and Victoria Downing into their M.Sc and Honours Thesis respectively. I hope you have lots of fun playing with MOFs.

With the summer semester coming to a close, we excitingly found out that a Teaching and Learning Framework grant, for which we are getting a bench-top NMR for the undergraduate teaching program, has been awarded.

Katie Young, a Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) highschool student joins us for a few weeks to try her hand at research. I hope you have fun making MOFs!

RDC Leverage results are out and we were awarded $ 100,000 as matching funds towards a gas-adsorption analyzer initially funded by the NSERC RTI program. Thanks RDC and NSERC for the support!

Arnuax's time with us has come to a close. He is heading back to France, but he will always be a part of the Katz MOFia.

Michaela Ryan, Mason Lawrence, and Dr. Katz go to the CSC in Halifax NS. We had a great time meeting people, presenting our work, and even having a drink or two with some friends. Michaela won won an undergraduate award for her poster. Congrats Michaela!

Michaela Ryan, Mason Lawrence, and Dr. Katz go to ChemCon 2016 at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax NS. We had a great time and Mason Lawrence won an undergraduate award for his talk. Congrats Mason!

Amanda Parsons joins the team as a Memorial University Science Undergraduate Research Award (SURA). Good luck Amanda! Don't let my white whale drag you down.

Mohsen Shayan has joined the research team. Welcome aboard Mohsen. I hope St. John'a and the rest of Canada treat you well. The whole team looks forward to working with you.

Mason Lawrence has decided that he likes working on MOFs, so he is back for the summer as an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) Students student. Welcome back Mason!

NSERC RTI results are out and we were awarded $ 150,000 towards a gas-adsorption analyzer. A special thanks goes out to NSERC, the faculty whose job it is to go through all the RTIs, and Kelly Hawboldt who has been kind enough to share with us her Micromeritics Tristar instrument.

A warm welcome to Arnaud Cuvilliez who joins us from France for a three-month internship. Welcome Arnaud and sorry about the snow in April.

Undergraduate honors students Michaela Ryan and Christian Pearce present their honours research topics to their peers. You two put your best foot forward and should be proud of your accomplishments. Now you just have to write up the thesis :S.

Undergraduate honors student Michaela Ryan found out that she got accepted to medical school. Congratulations Michaela on your achievements. We wish you the best of luck!

Undergraduate NSERC USRA and MUCEP student Mason Lawrence publishes his first paper. Congratulations Mason for your publication in Chemical Communications! Mason and Celine Schneider, Memorial Universities NMR guru, studied the stability of UiO-67 as a function of time. This MOF has received a great deal of attention in the literature and we hope that our manuscript will alleviate some of the confusions.

Brandon Furlong joins the group. Brandon did his undergraduate degree at Memorial University. He subsequently decided that he loved it here so he decided to stay on as a graduate student. We wish you all the success in the world Brandon!

Michaela Ryan and Christian Pearce join the team for an 8 month honours project. They both picked some challenging projects. Michaela's project is partially funded by a Research and Development Corporation of Newfoundland and Labrador (RDC) Undergraduate Oceans and Industries Student Research Award. Good luck Christian and Michaela!

Gabrielle White, a Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) highschool student joins us for a few weeks to try her hand at research. I hope you have fun making MOFs!

Mason Lawrence joins the group as an NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) Students. Michaela Ryan joins the group as a Memorial University Science Undergraduate Research Award (SURA). Good luck Mason and Michaela! I hope you have a fantastic research summer.

Dr. Katz receives his first NSERC Discovery Grant. May this be the first of many grants for the research team.

Jinfeng Zhang joins the team as a graduate student from China. We hope that you enjoy all that St. John's, Newfoundland, and the rest of Canada have to offer. Welcome on board Jinfeng!

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