About Us

The research team at Memorial University consists of amazing researchers from all walks of life. The focus is primarily on training highly-qualified personel such that they can contribute as part of the highly skilled labour force in Newfoundland, Canada, or wherever they choose to make their home.

Our youngest team members consist of high-school students from around the province engaging in the Women In Science and Engineering (WISE) program at Memorial University. Every year, a group of amazing women from around the province have an opportunity to come to St. John's and experience what university research is all about.

Our team continues on with the most enthusiastic undergraduate students around. Ranging from Natural Science and Engineering Research of Canada Undergraduate Student Research Award (NSERC-USRA) reserachers over the summer to students persuing their Honours degree in Chemistry over the fall and winter semester.

The graduate students in the group are the "long-term" researchers focusing on taking Dr. Katz's ideas and expanding on them into an integral part of the research program. Our graduate students come from all over the world bringing with them a broad range of research experience and local cuisine for group potlucks

We have been further fortunate to have several interns in the lab (notably from France) visiting and trying their hands at making some new porous materials.

Regardless of how they end up in the lab, it's great to see these students develop both their projects and their critical thinking skills.

Meet the Team


Brandon - PhD

From Stock Cove, NL, Brandon enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and never drinking bad beer.

Laurie - Undergrad

From Calgary, AB, Laurie is entering her fourth year of her BSc. She is a USRA student learning about CO2 adsorption.

Devon - MSc

From rural, NS, Devon is an animal lover. Devon's ring and labcoat will never let you forget that he is a graduate of St. FX.

Victoria - MSc

From Truro, NS, Victoria completed her BSc at Memorial. An animal and music lover, Victoria will be the MSc lab DJ.

Mason - MSc

Originally from McIvers, NL on the wbestcoast of the island, Mason enjoyes adventuring to the out-ports, sit-coms, and puns.

Michaela - Undergrad

From the outskirts of St. John's, NL, Michaela was one of the first Honours students in the group. She is currently in Medschool.

Mohsen - PhD

Originally from Torbat Heydarieh, located in the north east of Iran, Mohsen thinks fireworks are the "coolest hot" in the world.

Katie - Highschool

From St. Anthony, NL, on the Northern tip of the island, Katie was a WISE student during the summer of 2016.

Jinfeng - MSc

The first MSc student, Jinfeng is from the town of Jilin province, China. He enjoys basketball over soccer (go Bulls?).

Aurore - Intern

From Haybes, France, Aurore is starting her two-year chemistry degree at Bethune's University of Technology.

Arnaud - Intern

Our first intern, Arnaud is originally from Lens, France. He joined us for three months during the summer of 2016.

Evan - Undergrad

One of our 2017-2018 honours recruits. Evan, one of the four Evans in his years, is excited to make MOFs.

Christian - Undergrad

Finding chemistry not challenging enough, Christian completed his Honours degree and is working toward his MD.

Gabrielle - Highschool

The first WISE student in the group, Gabrielle hails from the westcoast of NL. She joined us in the summer of 2015.

Amanda - Undergrad

Growing up in Prince George, BC, Halifax, NS, and now St. John's, NL, Amanda is our resident artist scientist.

Contact Details

Department of Chemistry,
Memorial University,
St. John's, NL

Phone: 1-709-864-8745
Email: mkatz@mun.ca
Website: www.KatzResearchGroup.com