Selective decontamination of the reactive air pollutant nitrous acid via node-linker cooperativity in a metal–organic framework
Devon T. McGrath, Michaela D. Ryan, John J. MacInnis, Trevor C. VandenBoer, Cora J. Young, Michael J. Katz

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Investigating the crystal engineering of the pillared paddlewheel metal–organic framework Zn2(NH2BDC)2DABCO
Devon T. McGrath, Victoria A. Downing, Michael J. Katz

New Talent Issue, CrystEngComm 2018 (20), 6082-6087

Catalytic conversion of glucose to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural using zirconium-containing metal–organic frameworks using microwave heating
Jue Gong, Michael J. Katz, Francesca M. Kerton

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Solid‐State Route for the Synthesis of Scalable, Luminescent Silicon and Germanium Nanocrystals
Maxine J Kirshenbaum, Matthew G Boebinger, Michael J Katz, Matthew T McDowell, Mita Dasog

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Bistable Dithienylethene-Based Metal–Organic Framework Illustrating Optically Induced Changes in Chemical Separations
Brandon J Furlong, Michael J Katz

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Investigating the Cheletropic Reaction Between Sulfur Dioxide and Butadiene-Containing Linkers in UiO-66
Jinfeng Zhang, Jared B DeCoste, and Michael J Katz

Canadian Journal of Chemistry 4 (12), 7186-7192
This paper is part of a Special Issue entitled “50 Years of Chemistry at SFU”


Dihydrolevoglucosenone (Cyrene) As a Green Alternative to N,N-Dimethylformamide (DMF) in MOF Synthesis
Jinfeng Zhang, Gabrielle B White, Michaela D Ryan, Andrew J Hunt, Michael J Katz

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Determining the structural stability of UiO-67 with respect to time: A solid-state NMR investigation
Mason C Lawrence, Celine Schneider, Michael J Katz

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High volumetric uptake of ammonia using Cu-MOF-74/Cu-CPO-27
Michael J Katz, Ashlee J Howarth, Peyman Z Moghadam, Jared B DeCoste, Randall Q Snurr, Joseph T Hupp, Omar K Farha

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One Step Backward Is Two Steps Forward: Enhancing the Hydrolysis Rate of UiO-66 by Decreasing [OH]
Michael J Katz, Rachel C Klet, Su-Young Moon, Joseph E Mondloch, Joseph T Hupp, Omar K Farha

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High Efficiency Adsorption and Removal of Selenate and Selenite from Water Using Metal–Organic Frameworks
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Destruction of chemical warfare agents using metal–organic frameworks
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Exploiting parameter space in MOFs: a 20-fold enhancement of phosphate-ester hydrolysis with UiO-66-NH2
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Turning On Catalysis: Incorporation of a Hydrogen-Bond-Donating Squaramide Moiety into a Zr Metal–Organic Framework
C Michael McGuirk, Michael J Katz, Charlotte L Stern, Amy A Sarjeant, Joseph T Hupp, Omar K Farha, Chad A Mirkin

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A UiO-66 analogue with uncoordinated carboxylic acids for the broad-spectrum removal of toxic chemicals
Jared B DeCoste, Tyler J Demasky, Michael J Katz, Omar K Farha, Joseph T Hupp

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Remnant PbI2, an unforeseen necessity in high-efficiency hybrid perovskite-based solar cells?
Duyen H Cao, Constantinos C Stoumpos, Christos D Malliakas, Michael J Katz, Omar K Farha, Joseph T Hupp, Mercouri G Kanatzidis

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Dynamics of Back Electron Transfer in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Featuring 4-tert-Butyl- and Atomic-Layer-Deposited Alumina as Surface Modifiers
Michael J Katz, Michael J DeVries Vermeer, Omar K Farha, Michael J Pellin, Joseph T Hupp

2014 The Journal of Physical Chemistry B


Fabrication of Transparent-Conducting-Oxide-Coated Inverse Opals as Mesostructured Architectures for Electrocatalysis Applications: A Case Study with NiO
Vennesa O Williams, Erica J DeMarco, Michael J Katz, Joseph A Libera, Shannon C Riha, Dong Wook Kim, Jason R Avila, Alex B F Martinson, Jeffrey W Elam, Michael J Pellin, Omar K Farha, Joseph T Hupp

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Directed Growth of Electroactive Metal-Organic Framework Thin Films Using Electrophoretic Deposition
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High-Surface-Area Architectures for Improved Charge Transfer Kinetics at the Dark Electrode in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
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Simple and Compelling Biomimetic Metal–Organic Framework Catalyst for the Degradation of Nerve Agent Simulants
Michael J Katz, Joseph E Mondloch, Ryan K Totten, Jin K Park, SonBinh T Nguyen, Omar K Farha, Joseph T Hupp

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Are Zr6-based MOFs water stable? Linker hydrolysis vs. capillary-force-driven channel collapse
Joseph E Mondloch, Michael J Katz, Nora Planas, David Semrouni, Laura Gagliardi, Joseph T Hupp, Omar K Farha

2014 Chemical Communications 50 (64), 8944-8946

Class III Delocalization and Exciton Coupling in a Bimetallic Bis-ligand Radical Complex
Tim J Dunn, Linus Chiang, Caterina F Ramogida, Khatera Hazin, Michael I Webb, Michael J Katz, Tim Storr

2013 Chemistry-A European Journal 19 (29), 9606-9618


Diamido-Ether Actinide Complexes as Initiators for Lactide Ring-Opening Polymerization
Cassandra E Hayes, Yann Sarazin, Michael J Katz, Jean-François Carpentier, Daniel B Leznoff

2013 Organometallics 32 (5), 1183-1192


A facile synthesis of UiO-66, UiO-67 and their derivatives
Michael J Katz, Zachary J Brown, Yamil J Colón, Paul W Siu, Karl A Scheidt, Randall Q Snurr, Joseph T Hupp, Omar K Farha

2013 Chemical Communications 49 (82), 9449-9451

Unexpected Transformation of a Schiff Base Pyridine N-Oxide in the Presence of Pr(NO3)3·6H2O
Sabrina Ouizem, Diane A Dickie, Michael J Katz, Robert T Paine

2013 Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon and the Related Elements 188 (1-3), 111-115


Effects of Adsorbed Pyridine Derivatives and Ultrathin Atomic-Layer-Deposited Alumina Coatings on the Conduction Band-Edge Energy of TiO2 and on Redox-Shuttle-Derived Dark Currents
Michael J Katz, Michael JD Vermeer, Omar K Farha, Michael J Pellin, Joseph T Hupp

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Toward solar fuels: Water splitting with sunlight and "rust"?
Michael J Katz, Shannon C Riha, Nak Cheon Jeong, Alex BF Martinson, Omar K Farha, Joseph T Hupp

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Vapochromic Behaviour of M[Au(CN)2]2-Based Coordination Polymers (M= Co, Ni)
Julie Lefebvre, Jasmine L Korčok, Michael J Katz, Daniel B Leznoff

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Directed ortho, ortho'-dimetalation of hydrobenzoin: Rapid access to hydrobenzoin derivatives useful for asymmetric synthesis
Inhee Cho, Labros Meimetis, Lee Belding, Michael J Katz, Travis Dudding, Robert Britton

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Characterising Lone-Pair Activity of Lead(II) by 207Pb Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy: Coordination Polymers of [N(CN)2]−M and [Au(CN)2] with Terpyridine Ancillary Ligands
Brandon J Greer, Vladimir K Michaelis, Michael J Katz, Daniel B Leznoff, Georg Schreckenbach, Scott Kroeker

2011 Chemistry-A European Journal 17 (13), 3609-3618

Photochromic benzo [g] quinoxalines
Muriel Rakotomalala, Michael Katz, Emilie Voisin, Tamara CS Pace, Cornelia Bohne, Vance E Williams

2011 Canadian Journal of Chemistry 89 (3), 297-302


Changes in Electronic Properties of Polymeric One-Dimensional {[M(CN)2]-}n (M: Au, Ag) Chains Due to Neighboring Closed-Shell Zn(II) or Open-Shell Cu(II) Ions.
Francois Baril-Robert, Xiaobo Li, Michael J Katz, Andrew R Geisheimer, Daniel B Leznoff, Howard Patterson

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Synthesis and characterization of a series of halide-bridged, multinuclear iron(II) and cobalt(II) diamido complexes and a dinuclear, high-spin cobalt(II) alkyl derivative
Zohreh Moatazedi, Michael J Katz, Daniel B Leznoff

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Ammonia-Sensing Cyanoaurate Coordination Polymers
Daniel B Leznoff, Michael J Katz, Julie Lefebvre

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Polymorphism of Zn[Au(CN)2]2 and its luminescent sensory response to NH3 vapor
Michael J Katz, Taramatee Ramnial, Hua-Zhong Yu, Daniel B Leznoff

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Structural and spectroscopic impact of tuning the stereochemical activity of the lone pair in lead(II) cyanoaurate coordination polymers via ancillary ligands
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Synthesis, structures, and kinetics of mixed-donor amido-amino-siloxo ligands from symmetrical diamidosilyl ether ligands via a retro-Brook rearrangement
Farzad Haftbaradaran, Angela M Kuchison, Michael J Katz, Gabriele Schatte, Daniel B Leznoff

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The use of aurophilic and other metal–metal interactions as crystal engineering design elements to increase structural dimensionality
Michael J Katz, Ken Sakai, Daniel B Leznoff

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Highly birefringent materials designed using coordination polymer synthetic methodology
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A Concert of Weak Interactions Generates the Very Complex {Cu(tmeda)[Au(CN)4]21/3H2O Structure
Michael J Katz, Harini Kaluarachchi, Raymond J Batchelor, Gabriele Schatte, Daniel B Leznoff

2007 Crystal Growth & Design 7 (10), 1946-1948


Preparation and characterization of two chiral Au(CN)2-based coordination polymers containing (1R, 2R)-N,M'-dimethylcyclohexanediamine
Andrew R Geisheimer, Michael J Katz, Raymond J Batchelor, Daniel B Leznoff

2007 CrystEngComm 9 (11), 1078-1083

A New Basic Motif in Cyanometallate Coordination Polymers: Structure and Magnetic Behavior of M(μ‐OH2)2[Au(CN)2]2 (M= Cu, Ni)
Julie Lefebvre, Fergal Callaghan, Michael J Katz, Jeff E Sonier, Daniel B Leznoff

2006 Chemistry-A European Journal 12 (26), 6748-6761

The perils and opportunities of reactive building blocks: Attempted synthesis of new Hg(CN)2-based coordination polymers and the structures of the resulting products
Daniel B Leznoff, Michael J Katz, Leslie K L Cheng, Neil D Draper, Raymond J Batchelor

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Diamidosilylether complexes of yttrium(III) and chromium(III): Synthetic challenges and surprises
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Structure and multinuclear solid-state NMR of a highly birefringent lead-gold cyanide coordination polymer
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2006 Journal of the American Chemical Society 128 (11), 3669-3676


[Au(CN)4]-as Both an Intramolecular and Intermolecular Bidentate Ligand with [(tmeda)Cu(μ-OH)] Dimers: from Antiferro-to Ferromagnetic Coupling in Polymorphs
Michael J Katz, Carolyn J Shorrock, Raymond J Batchelor, Daniel B Leznoff

2006 Inorganic chemistry 45 (4), 1757-1765

Structural Pitstops and Turnoffs on the Way to the Birefringent 2-D Layer Structure{(tmeda)M[Hg(CN)2]2}[HgCl4](M=Cu, Ni)
Neil D Draper, Michael J Katz, Raymond J Batchelor, Daniel B Leznoff

2005 Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials 15 (4), 447-458


Synthesis and structure of diamido ether uranium(IV) and thorium(IV) halide "ate" complexes and their conversion to salt-free bis (alkyl) complexes
Kimberly C Jantunen, Farzad Haftbaradaran, Michael J Katz, Raymond J Batchelor, Gabriele Schatte, Daniel B Leznoff

2005 Dalton Transactions, 3083-3091

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