responsive screens The Research Group of Dr. Michael Katz focuses on studying porous materials.

As an example, the sponge you have in your kitchen is a porous material. The holes in your sponge are a great way for you to clean up spilled juice on the table (where you don't want it) and release the juice in your sink (where it is properly desposed of down the drain). You may not have thought about it this way, but this is one of the great features of sponges. You can easily take clean water away from your sink and bring dirty water back to your sink. This is one of the great applications of sponges!

Our research program focuses on the synthesis, properties, and applications of porous materials (like the sponge in the example above). The porous materials we work with are being designed for various applications. For example, current porous materials research includes, but is not limited to, gas storage (e.g., low-pressure methane storage), chemical separation (e.g., removal of harmful molecules from air), and catalyis.

Take a look around our web page to get to know the reserach team and projects better. Have some questions? Contact us. We are always looking for excited researchers and collaborators.

- Dr. Katz

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Department of Chemistry,
Memorial University,
St. John's, NL

Phone: 1-709-864-8745
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